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Medical Lectures, Home

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Welcome Your Success is our main goal

You’ve come to the right place for concise and easy-to-follow online medical videos. MK Medical Center prioritizes the most important concepts to help you excel in both exam preparation and clinical practice.

Learn from MK Medical Instructors with the high experience and skill to take your medical understanding to the next level. Memorable illustrations, clinical scenarios, and quizzes reinforce key points for lasting knowledge.

Hundreds of physicians utilize MK Medical Sessions to learn and review concepts with lasting Medical updates. Enjoy an ideal balance of relevant pathophysiology, clinical pearls, and exam prep (MCCQE1). 

Medical Lectures, Home

MCCQE 1 Video Lectures

MK Medical Center provides both online and in classes courses, you can choose what suits your needs.

We know there are many ways to study and many MCCQE/USMLE course options to help prep for your exam. But with our MK physician team, you will get help to improve your medical knowledge exactly where it’s needed. You will be matched up with our instructors who will give you confidence and knowledge that you’ll need to get the highest score on your USMLE/ MCCQE test day.

What is our course strategy?

Our course strategy is to organize and build your information from zero to high-level end throughout an interactive manner supported by medical animation videos, images, and diagrams. You can find more details about them here

About MCCQE Part 1 Course

The MCCQE Part 1 Course is destined to advance your knowledge on physician tasks, diseases managements, and normal conditions. It will help to improve your medical knowledge and extend your clinical skills. Our outstanding high qualified team will help you sharpen your skills and make you familiar with the questions you are likely to be asked in the exam. MCCQE Part 1 Course is created on a core curriculum focused on high-yield, exam-relevant topics, and exam-style questions. During the course we will provide you with:

  • Flexible guide learning resources that can help to start your exam prep.
  • Over 120 hours of intensive live lectures covering all the core clinical sciences contained in the MCCQE part 1 exam.
  • Multiple clinical cases review/ CDM cases/ clinical decision-making scenarios.
  • Our MK Medical High yield Notes (PDF Version).
Medical Lectures, Home
Medical Lectures, Home
  • Schemes, Medical pictures, and Interactive Media/ Videos.
  • Test-Taking Strategies and MCQ Time Management
  • Access to our students’ groups on social media (Telegram/ Facebook/ our YouTube channel).
  • Ideal MCQs solve methods and time management tricks.
  • Free access to our MK Medical Tests and MCCQE1 Mock Exam website. In our Test website, you will get hundreds of MCQs Questions similar to the exam-style questions and methods. These MCQs are interactive with an active Test timer.
    Normally, the MK Medical Tests and MCCQE Part1 Mock Exams cost about 249.99 CAD, but we provide it free for our students. 

To access our MK Medical QBank and Mock exam website at:

Finally, During the course, we will help you identify your weakness area and the opportunity to overcome them while you are preparing for the exam day.


In order to get access to MK Medical MCCQE Part 1 sessions, you need to register for intensive Live online or in-class MCCQE Part 1 Course.

After Registration, You will get a login user name and password.

For more details please contact us

**After registration, how can I access my preparation course?

Please follow these steps to log in to your account and start your course.

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