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Ultrasound Courses

SPI Ultrasound Training Course

SPI Course is provided by high qualified Sonographers and Instructors who have helped countless students to get the basics of Diagnostic Ultrasound knowledge. This course focuses on the essential aspects of sonography principles, physics, and instrumentation needed for any student who wants to discover the world of medical imaging.

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SPI Course


Abdominal Ultrasound Training Course

This course is organized as a fully comprehensive course. It provides complete coverage of the registry Abdomen test content outline. Pertinent gross anatomy, sectional anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pathophysiology are presented in addition to the sonographic appearances of normal and abnormal structures. ULTRASONOGRAPHY OF THE ABDOMEN course designed:

• For practicing abdominal sonographers who wish to review current Abdominal Ultrasound and acquire educational units.

• For cross-training into abdominal ultrasound.

, Ultrasound Courses

Abdominal Ultrasound Course


Gyn/Obs Ultrasound Training Course

OBSTETRICAL/ Gynecological ULTRASOUND training course is developed for obtaining:

  • (OB/GYN) ultrasound training skills.
  • Cross-training into obstetrical / Gynecological ultrasound.

This is a comprehensive course on all aspects of obstetrical/ Gynecological ultrasound. The course includes ultrasound images depicting normal anatomy, techniques, common artifacts, interpretation pitfalls, and pathologies.

, Ultrasound Courses

Gyn/Obs Ultrasound Course